Thursday, March 6, 2008


Last Friday 29th February, the students in the Puig Bernat class made up some words and they put them on the windows. Do you like them?

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Last Tuesday at 4.00 o'clock Jack the magician came to our school. The show lasted forty-five minutes and we all had a very good time. He did some magic tricks using the red balls, the coins, the cards, the rings, the magic band, a purse, three ropes.

Jack said hello to the children and they welcomed him by saying: "Hello Jack! Welcome to Olesa".

Jack spoke English all the time and the children were able to follow quite well and they also participated actively in the show

After that, the children asked some questions to the magician, which they had previously prepared in the class with the teachers.

When we finished, the kids said goodbye to Jack in different ways according to the class they belonged to: El Pou del Roure said "Goodbye!", La Rocallarga said "Cheers!", el Mongros said "See you soon!", el Puig Bernat said "Good luck"
and la Mola said "Thank you for coming!

We hope he comes back soon


Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Jack Silva, a magician and a teacher, comes to our school on 26 February at 4 pm. He will be performing for us at the Centre Cívic, just next to the school. In the future, we will provide you with some exercises to do before the show!!!