Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olesa de Bonesvalls

Olesa de Bonesvalls (265 m altitude) is sorrounded by the mountains from L'Ordal and Garraf. The most important mountains are:

-Puig del Montau ( 658 m ).
-Puig dels Avençons ( 639 m ).
-Puig Bernat ( 615 m ).
-Puig de la Mola ( 537 m ).
Walking around town you can discover a beautiful landscape of vineyards, olive groves, pine forest, etc.

Interesting areas

At the "Hospital" neighbourhood, there is the Cervelló hospital. It is an important building. It has got a tower and the Santa Marta de l'Hospital chapel.

The Sant Joan d'Olesa's wall and the Sant Joan d'Olesa de Bonesvalls church are a compulsory visit. More and more, there is the natural bridge (Pont de l'Arcada bridge) and a natural hole (L'avenç de l'Esquerrà).

"Hospital" neighbourhood.

"Pont de L'Arcada" natural bridge

Sant Joan d'Olesa de Bonesvalls church

Map of the town